Short Stories

The Bird Fountain

The Waltz of the Autumn Witch





GaijinPot, August, 2019: Your Guide To The 2019 Rugby World Cup Host Cities In Japan: Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture

Japan Today, May, 2019: 24 Hours in Yokohama

Japan Toady, April, 2019: Dive into Yokohama’s History with this 1-Day Itinerary

GaijinPot, February, 2019: Lose Yourself in the Seasonal Wonderland of Okayama Prefecture

GaijinPot, January, 2019: 20 Things to Do in Taito City


Savvy Tokyo, November, 2018: Leaving Tokyo: Where To Donate And Sell Your Furniture

GaijinPot, October, 2018: Japan101: How to Volunteer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

GaijinPot, October, 2018: Japan101: Natural Disasters, Accidents and Emergencies

Savvy Tokyo, September, 2018: Surviving A Tokyo Microapartment Is Possible (If You Get Creative)

Japan Today, September, 2018: Man vs Food: Restaurants for Hangry Fans

GaijinPot, July, 2018: 12 Ways to Make the Most of the Hakone Freepass

Savvy Tokyo, June, 2018: 7 Netflix Shows That Will Help You Understand Japan

Savvy Tokyo, May, 2018: 10 Exhibitions To Catch This Summer In Tokyo

GaijinPot, April, 2018: Pocketalk: Your No. 1 Travel Hack for Adventuring in Japan

Savvy Tokyo, March, 2018: Shinrin-Yoku: The Japanese Art Of Forest Bathing

GaijinPot, March, 2018: A Traveler’s Guide To The Unique Natural Beauty Of Oita Prefecture

GaijinPot, March, 2018: Step Into A History Lover’s Daydream In Oita Prefecture

Japan Today, February, 2018: An Escape To Shiga

Savvy Tokyo, February, 2018: 10 Japanese Dramas To Binge on Netflix

Savvy Tokyo, January, 2018: Top 5 Places To Shop In Yokohama

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Savvy Tokyo, December, 2017: 10 Essential Museums To Visit In Tokyo

Savvy Tokyo, October, 2017: Jimbocho: Spending A Day In Tokyo’s Book District

Savvy Tokyo, September, 2017: 6 Convenient and Well-Stocked Tokyo Health Food Stores


On Dit, 2016: The Rise of Colouring for Mindfulness 


On Dit, 2015: Harmony

Video Essays

Tiny Towns
An Ode to Dead Cherry Blossoms

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