Short Stories

The Bird Fountain

The Waltz of the Autumn Witch





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On Dit, 2016: The Rise of Colouring for Mindfulness 


On Dit, 2015: Harmony

Video Essays

There is Magic in Everyday Mundane Moments

An Ode to 2018

An Ode to the City of Ginkgo Leaves

Why Tokyo?

An Ode to Dead Cherry Blossoms

An Ode to 2017

Sketch Book Thoughts: Illustrating Tokyo

Tiny Towns



  1. Toshi Kawa (pen name) says

    Could you describe what you feel in nature in your home country? As you wrote during your stay in Japan, you got delicate feelings toward nature. Japanese understand seasons by flower blossoms, changes in color of leaves, singing of insects, chilly wind, humid air etc. Those objects stimulate Japanese writers. Haiku,the shortest Japanese poem in the world, has seasonal words inside. Writers outside Japan could have expressed their own nature delicately like Japanese do.


  2. Exquisitely written, and wonderful recommendations! The devotion of suspect x, to which u stated, has turned me to Higashino Keigo’s work. After reading many of his works, I am absolutely indulged in his writings and stories. Thankyou ❤


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