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Tiny Towns

  My childhood was one of hand-me-downs, and mud-stains, and air so clean you could have swam though its beauty. Summers sweltering heatwaves and drought, and warm rain swelling at the bottom of molten metal water tanks. The winters whispered frost, squelching boots and shivering limbs under infinite layers of woollen blankets. Fingers turned numb with the chill that bored into every crevice, cell, and plane of grass.  Weaving in and out of it all were only the sounds of the dairy cows, singing their songs amongst the spray of gum trees swaying their leaves in defiance of the breeze.

Life update ~

I graduated my Bachelor’s degree!! Woo ~ It has been a LONG three years. But, at the same time, a scarily short three years. A lot has happened since I entered my first lecture hall at eighteen. I’ve grown and learned so much. I’ve traveled. I’ve finished projects. And I’ve faced a lot of difficult things that have (I hope) only made me a better person. I’m quite proud of myself for sticking with my undergrad — even thought it was in a field that wasn’t naturally my forte. And even though I’ve faced a lot of challenges that could have easily lead to me stopping or giving up. I’ve gained a lot from my time at university and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who gave me help and support throughout the last three years. Now onto my Master’s!

From To The Lighthouse:  With her foot on the threshold she waited a moment longer in a scene which was vanishing even as she looked, and then, as she moved and took Minta’s arm and left the room, it changed, it shaped itself differently; it had become, she knew, giving one last look at it over her shoulder, already the past. — Virginia Woolf

A Beautiful Quote from ‘Orlando’ Has the finger of death to be laid on the tumult of life from time to time lest it rend us asunder? Are we so made that we have to take death in small doses daily or we could not go on with the business of the living?   — Orlando, Virginia Woolf

A Letter from Sapporo

  It’s official. Snow is figuratively literally  my favourite thing in the entire world. There is something so magical, so beautiful, and so romantic about fresh, soft-fallen snow. I can’t believe that I had never experienced it until yesterday evening. I love being back in Japan. It’s nice to see familiaries after the various culture shocks of Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul. It’s nice to know how to order food in the country’s own language, or how to apologies after you slip into someone in the snow. I only knew one word in Korean apart from whistle (whi-param), Kimchee and Bibimbap, and that was ‘thank you’: gomabseubnida. Though I quickly learned that cumsa was an easier way to say it. As for both Mandarin and Cantonese: thank you (xiexie) was, again, all I knew. It feels, almost, homely to be back here after exploring those other countries. The people are so kind and friendly. And our AirBnB host only helped; she is, possibly, the sweetest Japanese lady ever. She warmed the apartment for us before we got there, …

Film and Book Challenges 2017

I’ve never before set an official challenge for reading or film watching but, this year, I thought I might give it ago. This post will exist as a place for me to document the media I will consume/am consuming in 2017  (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ (Books that have been read previously/shows or movies that have been rewatched will be marked: *) >52 Books/Short Stories/Written Things in 2017: Kino – Haruki Murakami What I Talk About When I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami The Elements of Style – William Shrunk Jr. The Dark – Lemony Snicket* A Room of One’s Own – Virginia Woolf Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard Orlando – Virginia Woolf Japanese Tales from Times Past – Translated by Naoshi Koriyama & Bruce Allen (Currently Reading)  Short Stories from Hogwarts: Of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists – J. K. Rowling That Sugar Book – Damon Gameau The Literary Theory Handbook Love and Honour and Pity and Pride and Compassion and Sacrifice – Nam Le Death by Landscape – Margaret Atwood Sleep – Haruki Murakami A Darker …