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The Things I Miss

It has now been three months since my partner and I left Adelaide to move to Japan.

Three months.

It’s weird to even consider because it feels as if we have been here much longer, but it also feels as if we got here a few weeks ago. So much has happened in that time. I’m now on my second job. We’re in our second apartment. We’ve gotten used to paying our bills and navigating day-to-day life in a city where we speak the language only well enough to order McDonald’s fluently (and, even then, if the worker speaks too quickly, I slip up every now and then).

I never expected to feel home sick. Truthfully, I don’t. But I do miss certain things.

Above all, I miss food — which is something that I find really surprising; I love Japanese food. I really do. Katsu Curry is one of my all time favourite foods. And I have always loved exploring Japanese supermarkets but … I have this growing need to eat home-made lasagne. And, while lasagne sheets are sold at the supermakert here, any food that falls out of the category of a-typical ‘Japanese food’ becomes insanely expensive.

It took us two months before we found peanut butter that didn’t cost a half a month’s rent.

Most of all, I miss the foods that I didn’t expect to miss: avocados, nuts, dairy-free chocolate, almond milk, Mexican food, Caramello Koalas, peanut-butter icecream, wraps, oven pizza, a wide selection of pre-made curry/stir-fry/pasta sauces …. Some of these things you can buy at the super market, but, those that are available are insanely expensive.

Aside from food, I miss my books. I miss my teapot. I miss my desk (my partner and I area currently sharing a desk in our tiny apartment). I miss my art supplies. I miss my boyfriend’s family’s pets (they have two border-collies, a toy-poodle and an ancient, but beautiful ginger cat). I miss driving a car. I miss a lot of things …

… But, in saying that, I wouldn’t give up this experience for anything. I’ve always dreamed of living abroad and I’m so glad that I worked hard enough to get here. I’m grateful every day for the experiences I’ve been privileged enough to have but a block of Cadbury chocolate wouldn’t go amiss every now and then.


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