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A Letter from Sapporo



It’s official. Snow is figuratively literally  my favourite thing in the entire world. There is something so magical, so beautiful, and so romantic about fresh, soft-fallen snow. I can’t believe that I had never experienced it until yesterday evening.

I love being back in Japan. It’s nice to see familiaries after the various culture shocks of Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul. It’s nice to know how to order food in the country’s own language, or how to apologies after you slip into someone in the snow. I only knew one word in Korean apart from whistle (whi-param), Kimchee and Bibimbap, and that was ‘thank you’: gomabseubnida. Though I quickly learned that cumsa was an easier way to say it. As for both Mandarin and Cantonese: thank you (xiexie) was, again, all I knew.

It feels, almost, homely to be back here after exploring those other countries. The people are so kind and friendly. And our AirBnB host only helped; she is, possibly, the sweetest Japanese lady ever. She warmed the apartment for us before we got there, walked us through the whole thing, taught us how everything worked, and then gave us a huge bag of macha flavoured Kit-Kats for good measure.

But, in short, I’m happy to be back here. It seems kind of odd that one could intrinsically love a place that is so opposite to their home land. However, I’m happy. I’m eating all of the lollies, and reading all of the books I can. It’s nice to be here, in the fresh, clean air and just breath. Back home, Adelaide is in the middle of a 40 degree heat wave …

I know where I would rather be.

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